How to choose the correct packaging paper boxes

The material used for paper boxes is cardboard (or micro-corrugated cardboard), which is usually poor in water resistance, moisture resistance, and barrier properties and has limited strength and formability. Therefore, paper boxes are mainly used for packaging solid contents with low requirements for sealing. The box-making material has been developed from a single material to paper-based composite materials, cardboard and plastic, and aluminum foil composite box making, significantly improving the barrier and sealing process of paper boxes so that the application of paper boxes is expanding.

Many factors will affect the choice of paper boxes, such as the characteristics of the contents, shape, storage and transportation requirements, protective requirements, production technology, sales targets, display effects, etc. Generally speaking, the following points should be noted when choosing paper boxes.

1.Granular and powdered contents need a certain degree of sealing. Generally can choose the adhesive sealing folding paper boxes or cardboard/plastic composite paper boxes for heat sealing.

2.If it is convenient to put in or take out from the end of the box, the available choice of cartridge type, that is, the use of the lid inserted into the paper boxes and open the paper boxes; if it is not convenient to put in or take out from the end of the box, should choose to use the tray type folded paper boxes.

3.Liquid materials with high barrier and sealing requirements generally choose cardboard/plastic/plastic/aluminum foil composite folded paper boxes or use paper boxes with liner bags and implement heat sealing.

4.Folded paper boxes are preferred for mass-production packaging of standard products. In contrast, fixed paper boxes can be used for products with special requirements in small production, such as gifts and light products with larger volumes or surface area, which can also enhance their display and decoration.

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