How to customize stickers printing

The wholesale stickers manufacturer said stickers are an essential part of the product packaging, carrying the function of advertising and product instructions. It is a crucial way to identify goods and commodities. It plays a vital role in reflecting the quality of the product and arousing consumers’ desire to buy.

Stickers printing, also known as self-adhesive printing and trademark printing, is the printing of stickers with a particular printing method into goods, which can be removed and attached to the goods or packaging for identification. So what are the ways of stickers printing customization? Listen together to the interpretation of stickers wholesale manufacturers.

1.general sticker printing machines are equipped with the ability to print film stickers. Still, they need to contact the printer to replace some relevant parts, such as adding a servo motor-controlled tension control system and increasing the film surface treatment sheet. At the same time, high-end machines can also add an advanced registration system. In addition, the power of the UV light source should be appropriately adjusted.

Stickers wholesale manufacturers said that for the use of circular platen printing stickers, if printing film stickers, you can change the photosensitive resin version to a highly flexible version and use water-based ink or UV ink suitable for flexographic printing to change the nature of the ink to adapt to changes in the substrate.

2.At present, the quality of sticker printing is no less than offset printing and has unique characteristics. This printing process has the advantages of simple mechanical structure, low cost, printing quality comparable to offset and gravure printing, and thicker ink layers than offset products. Sticker printing uses water-based and UV inks, which do not pollute the environment.

However, due to the greater flexibility of sticker printing, step reproduction is different from gravure and regular relief. The highlights of flexographic printing increase substantially to the middle point, the printing contrast is slight, and the highlight level tends to fail. Stickers wholesale manufacturers said that when printing fine graphics stickers, to compensate for the level defects, the highlights can be screened in the middle using F dots, dark tones, or AM to improve the quality.

3.Offset good graphics and rich layers characterize printing. It is suitable for large-scale printing. Printing equipment can be used for a variety of purposes.

However, sheet-fed offset printing is unsuitable for printing without porous film on the surface, as film stickers are mostly printed roll-to-roll, requiring volatile drying inks. Offset printing can print thick plastic materials such as molded stickers and stickers, but the machine must be equipped with UV curing equipment, which is very expensive.

4.Gravure printing uses a short ink path delivery system for ink supply and a high degree of automation for cylinder printing. The ink layer dries quickly using solvent-based ink, which is the choice for film printing. Stickers wholesale manufacturers said that the speed of gravure printing presses is generally very high. Many gravure printing presses are equipped with cylinder die-cutting devices, which allow die-cutting and creasing.

5.Screen printing is a sticker printing method with wide adaptability to sticker materials. Currently, many screen printers use low-cost screen printing equipment to undertake the print of stickers and film stickers.

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