Jewelry paper bag factory tells you 2 theoretically feasible and practical designs

A few days ago, when a small partner consulted the packaging factory about the customization of handbags, there were 2 more technical questions. I don’t know if this small partner has a very in-depth understanding of the packaging industry or is really just an ordinary person. I was a salesman in a jewelry paper bag factory when I answered the seasonal process design. I doubted whether I was a professional or not, so I will share these two questions with you today.
1.The combination of window opening and transparent plastic. In theory, the jewelry paper bag factory is fully capable of making this combination. It is nothing more than to make a hollow part on the surface of the paper bag, and then use a transparent plastic plate on the inside to prevent the deformation of the single-sided paper. That’s alright, but there is a problem that many friends didn’t think of, that is, this transparent plastic plate. Does he need to glue it to the hollowed-out side, or through physical means, for example, at the mouth of the hand bag. The sealing method of folding in is to clamp and fix the plastic plate by the way. In this case, in fact, there is a certain space for movement of the plastic plate regardless of whether it is up or down or left and right. If there is a violent impact, the four Corner, it is very likely to pierce the handbag and stab people, so this method is not recommended and rarely done, and generally, paper packaging manufacturers cannot produce plastic boards of suitable size themselves, so this needs to be done. Going to buy outside, if there is no stock, it will take a few days to make a custom
2.Let the jewelry paper bag factory plant some small protruding beads on the surface of the handbag. If this method is used, the height of the finished product will not exceed 3mm, but it is 3mm. There are many uv protruding varnishes and striking techniques. Let the protruding part of the paper bag not exceed this limit. If the protruding beads protrude beyond this limit, it is not so good, because after th

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