Material application and classification of paper bags

Everyone is saying that the future trend of environmental protection is green, and the packaging industry is no exception. At this stage, there are probably two ways to achieve environmental protection. One is to increase the recycling rate. Now the courier industry is discussing recyclable packaging boxes in this range, the other is to produce new materials to replace the original materials, paper bags because of its recyclable characteristics, in the trend of environmental protection, naturally more and more sought after by major businesses.

However, paper bags are also divided into cowhide, white cowhide and other materials. How to reasonably choose the material in line with their own corporate brand culture, is also a major problem for service manufacturers.

The material of paper bags

First of all, we can divide them into white paper bags and yellow paper bags in terms of color.

White paper bags and yellow paper bags can be subdivided into several types. Taking white paper bags as an example, they can be divided into white kraft paper and high white kraft paper. The difference between them is the shade of white. If high white paper bags are used, the printing color will be more brilliant.

The same is true for yellow paper bags. On this basis, some manufacturers have developed striped kraft paper with stripes, and of course, kraft paper has also developed new categories such as pearl white kraft and coated white kraft.

We all know that paper bags are not only used in the clothing industry, but also in the food, beauty and other industries, each industry has different requirements for itself. So in terms of use, the factory has also developed many functions, such as oil-proof paper bags, waterproof paper bags, rust-proof paper bags, insulated paper bags, stickers paper bags, super load-bearing paper bags, printable paper bags, etc. As a single-sided distributor, we can’t use all these functions, so we

Application of paper bags

We all know that the material of paper bags is not only related to the raw material, but also related to the number of layers, so paper bags are divided into recycled paper bags, kraft raw paper, composite paper bags, wood pulp paper bags and so on. So different materials have different hardness and roughness, which have a great impact on the later printing and so on, so you must know before making paper bags


What are the advantages of paper bags?

Nowadays paper bags are commonly used, which is not only the reason why many businessmen see valuable business opportunities, but also the reason why consumers are highly favored. But there are many kinds of paper bags, but the use of cowhide bags is also very wide, so what are the uses of cowhide bags?

  1. paper bags have a strong environmental performance. From the rise of environmental protection to the present, kraft paper is non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting and recyclable, leading to a significant increase in its market competitiveness.
  2. strong printing performance, paper bags itself has the problem of color. Printing does not need to print the whole page, the appearance of the beautiful effect will be more prominent, not only to reduce the cost of printing, but also to reduce the printing of a large number of costs and periodical display.
  3. added performance: compared with shrink film, kraft paper has better listening performance, certain cushioning performance and anti-drop performance. After the product is added by mechanical parts, the buffering performance is good, and it is easy to compound the special effect of processing.

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