What are the benefits of using a Rigid box?

Packaging is the first thing that catches the eye. Whether a sleek white box with an iPhone or a blue box with foam inserts, rigid boxes are perfect for delicate packaging items and heavy electronics and can even make beautiful gift boxes.

Luxury brands often use rigid boxes for their packaging. The sturdy cardboard boxes are cut and then engraved with the desired dimensions before being folded to form the basic skeleton of the box. These designs are printed and wrapped around the skeleton, allowing brands to customize the boxes to their preferences, giving them a luxurious touch.

With the following tips, you can make the design of a rigid box practical and beautiful.

Save storage costs

Rigid boxes cannot be flattened to maintain their sturdy skeleton and rigidity. However, they can be flattened by using thinner materials. Folding boxes are generally made up of 2 separate parts and are easy to assemble. Collapsible Rigid boxes are cheaper to manufacture, and their flexibility allows you to save on storage costs or space without compromising the unboxing experience. To educate your customers on the features of collapsible rigid boxes, provide tips on packaging storage and how to reuse them easily.

Find ways to protect your products

When packing and shipping fragile items or electronics, ensure adequate material support to prevent damage and breakage. If you use a box with a separate bottom and lid, use break-resistant seals to close the box and prevent the product from falling out. You can also use custom packaging inserts to keep your products in place and prevent them from moving inside the box. However, be sure to include seals and stickers to close the box, even with the inserts in place. Or, you can opt for a magnetic lid box. Magnets stick to the lid that bends down to close the box. These magnets close the rigid box securely and provide your customers with a superior opening experience.

Eco-friendly Kraft rigid boxes

By encouraging the use of paper-based materials and choosing kraft boxes, your brand can become an advocate of eco-friendly packaging and green practices. Kraft rigid boxes are 100% biodegradable and compostable when not finished or laminated. In addition to using kraft paper, be sure to use eco-friendly inks, such as water-based or soy-based inks.

Kraft Rigid boxes are also more resistant to adverse weather elements, such as heat, moisture, and even impact. While brown kraft boxes don’t usually scream luxury, minimalist designs and suitable branding materials can transform these kraft boxes into quality packaging at a much lower cost. Printing white ink on kraft paper can give your packaging an elegant, minimalist look. Learn more about printing on kraft paper here.

Fully customizable

Using minimal design and lamination, Rigid boxes look great too. Durable materials make the box look stunning, with little need for complex graphics. Some brands have a single-color box with only the logo printed. This approach saves them extra money that can be spent on additional components, including embossing, foil stamping, etc. If your box does need some oomph, don’t hesitate to use patterns and bold colors.

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